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Environmental Management Plan

ASADAS are committed to ensure and preserve a healthy and ecologically balanced environment, using friendly processes that prevent, limit, minimize or repair damages caused due to the institutional activity. For achieving this, ASADAS may handle necessary actions, as implementing an environmental management program.

This program is a planning instrument that starts from an environmental diagnosis of the institutional activity considering all environmental aspects inherent to the organization, including those related to energy efficiency, waste and climate change, among other environmental aspects. Based on this diagnosis, prevention, mitigation, compensation or restoration of environmental impacts are prioritized, established and implemented, whether in the short, medium or long term.

As part of the Environmental Management Plan, a Recycling Program was created, which consists in the collection of plastic bottles, through the installation of metallic fish in different points of the beach, as well as the coordination with commercials of the area. Also we do reforestation campaigns together with other institutions of the area.

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